Chromebook Pickup/Material Drop Off

Chromebook Pickup/Material Drop Off
Posted on 08/21/2020
We are offering times next week for students who do not currently have a Chromebook to pick one up for the 2020-21 school year. Unless you are a new student, most returning students should still have their Chromebook from last year.

In addition, students are being asked to drop off any school materials (library books, textbooks) from last school year. 

We need your help to assure our curbside pickup goes smoothly. Please read this post in its entirety a couple of times prior to the pick up/ drop off time and follow directions carefully. 

Thursday, August 27th 2-5:30
Friday, August 28th 8-Noon

Station for pick up/drop off: 
Enter the lot on Badger Avenue near the pool. Someone will greet you and help you through the process.  

What you need:
 - Identification (license or school ID, please, for the student picking up/ dropping off items, even if mom/ dad or other relative is picking up that things) 
 - Any textbooks or novels from last school year. 
 - If your current Chromebook doesn’t work, please bring your Chromebook, Chromebook case and charger to trade in for a different working device.  
 - A clear plastic bag for textbooks that are being returned (If you do not have a clear bag, have books ready and we will give you a bag when you arrive.)
 - We will give you a sheet of paper to list the textbooks you are returning.  
 - A mask. Please have everyone in your car wear a mask for our worker’s safety, whether you have been exposed or not. Safety first.  
 - One family per car. Do not carpool with a friend or neighbor. Stay in your car.  

What you will receive if you are new to the Appleton Area School District:
Chromebook, charger and cord for the upcoming school year.

A pen and a sheet of paper for you to sign and acknowledge receipt of items.

What if? (Answers to anticipated questions)
If you are unable to come at the times listed above, please call 920-832-6219 ext. 7541 to schedule a pick-up time.

Can someone other than the student pick up/ drop off. Yes, another family member may, but please make every effort to have the student present. 

Can I pick up things for my neighbor? No. Sorry.    

If you do not have access to a vehicle, you may walk up during the times listed above.