November RSA Staff Spotlight

November RSA Staff Spotlight
Posted on 11/14/2022

How long have you been teaching/working at RSA? 

13 years.


How do you incorporate Art in your life outside of Renaissance? 

I work as a professional artist, making paintings, drawings and sometimes writing books. Below is a 25-foot-long one I’m working on now.


What are some of your hobbies outside of Art?

Building things, gardening, and photography. I also love to explore coastlines, walk on beaches, and watch ocean surf, the stormier the better.


Do you have a favorite RSA memory?

Yes…A student  who recently graduated was struggling to draw the assignments in my Art of Imagination class. For many weeks he didn’t seem to be getting anywhere until one day he happened to draw the front panel of an imagined stereo system from the 1970s. It turned out he was fascinated by older audio electronics, and this one was more like an advertisement, which he presented with a wonderful sense of humor! When I suggested he draw more of these for his assignments, he lit up and turned out some wonderful pieces. His grade, unsurprisingly, went from a C+ to an A.

I love it when a student finds something they want to say with their artwork!


If YOU were a Renaissance student today – which class would you be most excited to take and why?

I’d take Art of Illustration (Koepke) because I’ve always been interested in the way stories are illustrated, even as a young kid.

I’d take Sketchbook Artist (Voight) because I love the informality and intuitive playfulness that can come with drawing in a sketchbook.

I’d also take Portfolio/Advanced Drawing (Voight) because, by senior year, I would definitely want to know how to put a portfolio together for art schools.  The drawing help would also be great.


Do you have any advice for current Renaissance students?

Don’t be afraid to say what you want (or need) to say. It sometimes takes a while to figure out what that is, so listen to your intuitive heart as much as possible. 

25 Foot Mothes Painting