Spring 2016

Acting for the Camera
This course is designed to provide a continuing study and practice of acting technique and performance specific and unique to the genre of film and video production. In addition to studying and practicing exercises designed to develop film acting skills, students in the course will study historical aspects of film acting analyzing and critiquing the work of various important film and television actors. Students will prepare scenes for filming and will be involved in the analysis, critique, and process of their work. A study of the process/business of film making as it relates to the role and responsibility of the actor will also be covered. The course will culminate in the creation of a video project in which the student will put into practice the techniques and approaches learned in the course. Parker

Acting the American Classics

Students will memorize and perform scenes taken from plays written by American playwrights. Peckham 2x

Costume design

We will learn how to analyze characters from a costume designer's point of view and design costumes for them in order to make them appropriate yet interesting and appealing. Students will have the opportunity to work on multiple different characters throughout the semester. Kimoundri

Improvaissance--Advanced Comedy Improv.

This course will continue the study of comedy improvisation with students becoming members of the Renaissance Improv troupe IMPROVAISSANCE. The focus will be on preparation for several public performances which will occur at the end of the semester. A strong desire to perform Improv publicly is required. (meets once a week) Prerequisite: Beginning Improv and/or consent of Instructor Parker.

Scenic Design
Students will have the opportunity to create their own scenic designs on a specific play. With my guidance we will start from the beginning ideas of how does someone create a set; to actually designing a full set that would be able to be put on a professional theatre. In addition we will look at other productions and analyze them from a set designer's point of view. At the end of the class students will be able to add their projects to their portfolios for college applications. Kimoundri

Shakespeare Goes to School
2016 marks the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. To commemorate this anniversary, 2016 has been named the Year of Shakespeare in Wisconsin. The Appleton Area School District will be engaged in a variety of educational activities related to Shakespeare throughout the year. Those in this class will develop an entertaining children's show centered on Shakespeare and his works which will then travel to elementary schools throughout the district. Some possibilities could be performing scenes from famous plays, Shakespeare Hip Hop, Shakespeare Game Show, Zombie Shakespeare, the sky's the limit! Parker 2x

The Art of Silence

Non Verbal Acting Technique - It is important to remember that most of the time an actor spends on stage is spent in silence. What separates good actors from bad ones is what they choose to do with it. This course is designed to provide a study and practice of non-verbal acting and performance techniques and to build the basic physical, emotional, and intellectual tools which can help create truth on stage beyond the use of spoken dialogue. Parker