Dance / Yoga / Stage Combat

Spring 2016

(Satisfies Physical Ed graduation requirements)

Be Happy Yoga 2
This class will continue the practice of mindfulness and yoga as a means to uncover the happiness that already exists within. We will explore some of the misconceived ideas of what happiness is according to North American culture. It’s more accessible than you think!!! Gault

Beginning Armed Stage Combat
Students will learn the fundamentals of sword handling and combat with specific emphasis on the weapon of choice during the Renaissance, the rapier. Students will learn the proper positions, stances, footwork, attacks and parries necessary to create an effective and safe combat scene on stage. Participants will be required to learn basic history of the sword and its usage in the culture of the period as well as the classical combat terms utilized in training. The class will culminate in the presentation of swordplay scenes from Shakespeare’s plays. Parker

Choreography 1, 2, 3, 4
Students will learn the art of composing dances. We will begin class with improvisation and progress to small movement studies to learn choreography basics. Class assignments get more complex as the semester continues. Previous dance training is not required to take this class. Williamson

Contemporary Dance
Contemporary Dance pushes boundaries of previously learned techniques and styles and will pull from a more "pedestrian", human, and creature-like vocabulary. The intention is to break down patterns and habitual movement qualities and find newness and awareness of where the body naturally goes and how it naturally moves. This class will examine an array of styles from Modern-Contemporary to Contemp-Pop with an exploration of musicality, movement style. This class will pull from Ballet, Jazz, and Modern Technique. It will include floor work and improv. This class will help you to create unique, "outside the box " movement. Palma

Dance Lab
Dance lab is a dancer’s study hall. You must be in good academic standing to take dance lab instead of a study hall. This is not a graded class. Williamson

Dance Improv
This is a creative movement/dance class. Students are given movement suggestions or movement problems and then provided the time to explore movement solutions. Work is done independently, in pairs, small groups, and as a class. Students should wear apparel that allows for ease of movement. Williamson

Dance Workshop 1, 2
RSA has many advanced choreographers seeking an opportunity to create duets and trios, as well as small and large group dances. This class is the response to that need. Dance Workshop is geared towards dancers and choreographers with some experience in those roles, exceptions may be made? Williamson

We know the music, let’s learn the dance! We’ll be exploring the movement and the music that made this such a popular dance style in both the 1970’s and today. We’ll learn the history of the Hustle along with the social impact of the dance. Spencer

Elegant Ballroom
Waltz and Fox Trot. We will be learning basic and advanced movements in these two dances. We will also be exploring the smooth styling of ballroom dancing, getting around the floor, and using our bodies to lead instead of our arms. Spencer

Fosse/Jazz Dance 1, 2
Students will explore the jazz style of dance crafted by choreographer Bob Fosse. His signature movements will be explored and his choreographic style will be emulated. Students should wear clothing that allows for flexibility of movement. Williamson

Floor Barre 1, 2, 3, 4
This class is a physically demanding class that helps the participant build strength while developing proper alignment. This floor-based workout uses gravity to develop technique. Williamson

Hip/Hop Dance I
Students will be learning the basics of multiple Hip/Hop styles. These styles consist of popping, breaking, krumping, and more. We will also be working on musicality, creativity, originality, swag, and choreography. Class size limited to 15. Sacdalan

Hip/Hop Dance II
In a positive environment students will continue to learn many different styles of Hip/Hop building character and confidence. Class size limited to 15. Sacdalan

We will be exploring Bartenieff Fundamentals in this class. A basic concept is that movement rides on the flow of breath. We will be exploring weight transfers through organic exploration of how the body moves, with gravity as partner. Dress to move. Williamson 2x

Tap 1
Learn how to move your feet and body in rhythm with tap dance! Starting with basic steps and basic rhythm, we will move through some easy and beginning tap, culminating in combinations. Beula-Kovacs

The Chang Experience
Description coming soon! Chang/Chang

Yoga for Rebels 2
This class will continue emphasizing the importance of finding your own personal truth and expressing it through the practice of yoga. Various themes will help unpack self sabotaging behaviors as well as strengthen self esteem. Gault

Yoga For Young Women 1
This class is for young woman who would like to try yoga for the first time. We will integrate various themes that deal with the sacred feminine as well as strengthen our inner feminine warrior by learning to accept ourselves just as we are. Gualt