Spring 2016

Renaissance’s Next Top Model
A high energy photography/modeling course with weekly challenges similar to the popular TV show. This course will involve photo shoots which include an element of optical illusion. Only students pre-registered by Miss Jordy may sign-up as models. Prerequisite for the photographers: must have taken Photography 1 and 2 with Mrs. Peter previously. C. Peter/ J. Peter 2x

Black & White Photography
Spend a semester experimenting with the necessary tools available in digital photography to document a black & white world resulting in fine art photography. Peter


The course offers a comprehensive overview and practical approach to lighting and shooting films. Emphasis is placed on the technical and aesthetic responsibilities of the Director of Photography. Students will go through the process of preparing for a film and have the option to shoot a short film for their final. Borruso

Difficult Films
Life lessons are often taught through books, songs, plays, and film. This class is about using the RSA community as support to help us in remembering, reflecting, respecting and analyzing those difficult moments of our past that have been captured in feature films. Schindler's List is an example. Williamnson

Foreign Film

The Films are all foreign with subtitles; we talk about what to expect; watch the film and then talk about it afterwards. The class gives students a chance to see what other cultures value, how they behave in situations and, if family is shown, what the mother and father and children do at home. Saindon

Narrative Filmmaking

A hands-on course in live action filmmaking. Emphasis is placed on screenwriting, directing actors and camera, technical scouting, recording audio, cinematography, post-production and distribution. Students collaborate to create films over the course of the semester and the class culminates with a screening for family and friends. (2x with Narrative Filmmaking Lab A or B) Borruso

Podcast Basics
Students will get a chance to explore their stories and voices through Podcasting. Students will study different popular podcasts to explore themes, styles and content for inspiration while exploring their own Podcast series. Students will have a chance to learn the basic tools of creating Podcasts and the fundamentals of what makes a Podcast successful with listeners. Students can collaborate or work independently on their projects and will work as a constructive team to provide insight, feedback and support for one another’s work. Pohlkotte

Photography I

Digital Photography but no standard snapshots here. We will discuss the “art” of seeing the world through the lens of a camera as well as discussing various means of presentation; cropping, matting, etc. Prerequisite: Students must have their own digital camera. Class size is limited to 18. There is a $5.00 fee. C. Peter

Photography II

This is a photography lab for the student who has successfully completed Photography I and is interested in beginning to refine and enhance their personal style of photography in order to create a stellar portfolio. This course will focus on various lighting techniques that are so critical to this art form. Prerequisite: Students must have their own digital camera. Students must have taken Photography I previous to this. Class size is limited to 18. There is a $5.00 fee. C. Peter

Photography Challenges
A fast-paced course for advanced photography students which will consist of a weekly challenge as well as some larger group projects including one inspired by the photographic style of the popular television show, Orange is the New Black! Peter

Photography on Location
This selection is for the photography student who has previously enrolled in several photography classes and is ready to take on a challenge. Students will explore the city of Appleton through the lens of a camera and will artistically document our city with the objective of creating an exhibition of work which will provide a whole new perspective on some of the well-known landmarks as well as other more out-of-the-way little gems that are sprinkled throughout our city. This class is closed for registration. Only students that have been pre-registered by Mrs. Peter may sign up. There is a $5.00 fee. C. Peter 2x

Photoshop/Digital Portfolio
This is a class for all visual art students. The main objective of this class is to provide students with a digital portfolio of all their work in order to graduate with their entire body of work from high school digitally archived. Visual art students will be assisted by photography students in order to photograph all work. In addition, students will learn additional photoshop techniques based on request and may use this lab to work on editing of assignments. This lab is designed to meet the individual needs of photography and all other visual art students in preparation for college and scholarship submissions. Peter

Sci-Fi Film

This course will treat science fiction film as a genre of film, as a specific type of film; what is its uniqueness; what does it have to offer, as an art form, that other genres cannot. We will investigate how authors and directors have used this form, as it allows them to comment about current culture and the state of man in an indirect almost disguised way. Dutton