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The charter school application window has closed for the 20-21 school year.

If you are interested in attending an ASSD charter school immediately, please contact that school for availability. If a seat is available, you will complete the application with that school. The 2021-22 application will be live starting December 1, 2020.

The Renaissance School for the Arts offers instruction in dance, visual arts, television/film, music, creative writing, and theater. Honors or AP Social Studies, English Language Arts and physical education requirements are also taken through Renaissance. It is important to note that all regular education students will be expected to take all Social Studies and English Language Arts credits toward graduation, through Renaissance.

All RSA Social Studies and ELA classes are either Advanced Placement or Honors level classes.
Students with an IEP or other special education accommodations may be able to take their academic classes through their morning school and, if appropriate, will have their academic classes assigned during an IEP meeting after their acceptance to RSA. 

Renaissance students may have an area(s) of special emphasis within their studies but are also expected to take courses in the other arts disciplines to gain an integrated arts experience.


1. A personal essay
Your personal essay can be written in whichever language you feel most comfortable. You can also choose to present your essay orally by submitting a video.

Please describe why you want to attend Renaissance and include the following:

  • Why do you want to attend Renaissance and what are your expectations?
  • Briefly describe your contributions and involvement in your current middle or high school.
  • What do you perceive to be your strengths and weaknesses in your academic classes
  • Tell us about the art you do and the training you’ve had.
  • How does art fit into your life?
2. A personal art example
The personal art example is used to showcase a piece or pieces of art that best represent you. This may be a poem, a video of a dance that you performed by yourself or with an ensemble, a recording of a piece of music that you wrote or performed, a photo that you took, or a photograph/video of a visual arts piece. This is not an exhaustive list and many other examples of art can be submitted. The important thing is that the piece is performed or created by you and that it is the best representation of you, as an artist, that you have.

3. Art & Classroom References

Please complete the following form IMMEDIATELY AFTER you complete the application below.  


The journey starts here!

Apply to RSA
Our charter school application window opens on December 1 for the next school year. The 3rd Friday in February is the cutoff to be placed in the lottery. Applications after that date will be put on the waiting list if no spots open.

All families will be notified by March 5 if a seat has been reserved for their student, or if their name has been added to a wait-list. 

Our charter school application window closes annually on the 3rd Friday of September.
If it is after that date, we encourage you to contact the charter school of your choosing directly to see if there are current openings.  

Thank so much for your interest in Appleton Area School District charter schools!

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