Coffee Talk!

Coffee Talk!
Posted on 09/28/2020
Coffee Talk Wednesday!!
Below are the rooms and the topics for this week’s Coffee Talk. Check back on Monday by Noon for the latest week’s topics. Room codes/links will be released during Expression:

Mr. Richards Politics: The Presidential Race We will be open to discuss the candidates for president, their positions on the topic, and other issues surrounding the election. ALL views will be respected but any view may be intellectually and respectfully challenged.

Ms. Koepke Let's Talk Inktober Students will share ideas for Inktober prompts, show off their recent ink creations and support each other to complete this 30 day drawing challenge!

Mr. Peckham Peckham's Place: My Historical Models My historical models as an artform, hobby, and therapy.

Ms. Lichttenegger Ms. L's Virtual Classroom Hangout Come chat with Ms. L and Mr. B and hang in our virtual classroom!

Ms. Williamson Freshman Forum Now that we have started, what RSA questions do freshmen have? What advice do established students have to offer?