January RSA Staff Spotlight

January RSA Staff Spotlight
Posted on 01/13/2023
January RSA Staff Spotlight

How long have you been teaching/working at RSA?

8 years!

How do you incorporate Art in your life outside of Renaissance?

I play with singer/songwriters in town, record and perform my own songs and release them on Bandcamp, play music live for various genres of dance, record music for a local filmmaker, record music tracks for choreographers based in NYC, Italy and Chicago, teach lessons to cello students and teach creative music classes at Lawrence University.  

What are some of your hobbies outside of Art?

Enjoying the outdoors!

Do you have a favorite RSA memory?

Just before the pandemic, members of the RSA ensemble came together to play at a fundraiser for Habitat For Humanity.  Sharing our music to serve the community was a beautiful experience.  

If YOU were a Renaissance student today – which class would you be most excited to take and why?

Swashbuckling and Throwing the Wheel.  Both of these activities are a bit far from my usual life experience and character, and I would be very curious to try them.  

Do you have any advice for current Renaissance students?

Find ways to align who you are personally as an artist with the resources of the school.  Then try new things, so you may expand and inform your artistry with a greater sense of experimentation and flexibility.  

Pictures are of myself performing cello and voice at the 602 Club in Appleton, WI and then performing with my wife, Margaret Paek, at the "Begin Series" in Sturgeon Bay, WI. There is also a photo of the Habitat for Humanity gig we did early March 2020, just a couple weeks before the Pandemic hit. 

Loren Dempster

Loren Dempster 602 Club

Habitat for Humanity