WHS/ATECH/RSA Fully Virtual Schedule

WHS/ATECH/RSA Fully Virtual Schedule
Posted on 08/20/2020
Below is the schedule for students who are enrolled in West, ATECH and Renaissance School for the Arts. Students should check into classes using Canvas at the start of each class period for which they are scheduled.

On Tuesday, September 1, 2020, all students will begin by logging into their homeroom (advisory) class at 9:20am. September 1 will be a student learning and orientation day, and we will not have regular classes. Instead, we will take time on Tuesday, September 1 in Homeroom (advisory) to ensure students are able to access Canvas and provide some student training in Canvas.

Students will then be expected to complete a module (lesson) in Canvas on Tuesday afternoon to help them review or learn features in Canvas that will help them be successful during virtual learning.

On Wednesday afternoon, students will have access to their Homeroom teachers in case they encounter any issues. On Thursday, students will begin checking in with their scheduled classes, starting with period 4.

Within the first few weeks of school, we will be sharing with students and families what the hybrid learning environment will look like, but for now, we are simply sharing the fully virtual schedule to limit confusion.

  Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:15-9:20 Student Support Time Student Support Time Student online work time.

(RSA students will have some elective courses)
Student Support Time Student Support Time
9:25-10:30 Period 4 Period 8 Period 4 Period 8
10:35-11:40 Period 3 Period 7 Period 3 Period 7
11:45-12:20 Advisory/Lunch Advisory/Lunch Lunch Advisory/Lunch Advisory/Lunch
12:25-1:30 Period 2 Period 6 Teachers Available for Student Support Time
(RSA students will have some elective courses)
Period 2 Period 6
1:35-2:40 Period 1 Period 5 Period 1 Period 5
2:45-3:50 Student Support Time Student Support Time Student Support Time Student Support Time