Visual Arts

Spring 2016

Art for Everyone
This is your big chance to take your art gift to the community. Students will present and facilitate art projects with disabled adults at a local day center. We're hoping to have an art show of the clients artwork at the end of the experience. Students will help to plan a new project about once a month. We'll plan and practice projects one week and then for the following 3 weeks we'll go to the site to work with the clients. This could be an introduction to a future in art education, art therapy or social work. This is an exciting opportunity and could be loads of fun! T. Westby

Art of Imagination I

The best art in the universe comes from the artist’s own mind. This offering will inspire you to create new things from your imagination, which you’ll realize is almost limitless! You can use pencil, color pencil, oil pastel, watercolor, acrylic paints, collage or digital photography to complete these projects. A sketchbook or journal is required. Mothes

Art of Imagination II
This selection will challenge students to create a series of projects using images and words from their imagination. They may complete these using ink, pencil, pastel, color pencil, watercolor, acrylic, or mixed-media-collage using found objects or pictures and your own words. Prerequisite: students must have taken an Art of Imagination I class previously. Mothes

Art of Imagination III
This selection will build on your favorite exercises from Art of Imagination I and II. Make an art book about an imaginary person or creature, a magazine cover-article about an imagined celebrity, a movie poster or CD cover about your own movie or rock band, your own series of illustrated poems, or a short illustrated story. Mothes

Art of Imagination IV
I will work with each student to design two projects of his or her choice, one each quarter. These will be on the level of an illustrated story or graphic-novel piece, an alternative nation with its own culture, or a similar idea that the student may come up with. A sketchbook will be required. Mothes

Clay Handbuilding Techniques
Clay Handbuilding Techniques - Students will learn the essential skills necessary to hand build functional and sculptural objects out of clay. The class will learn about slab building, coil building and the combination of differing elements to create amazing pieces of art. A. Westby

Clay Bowl Making
Clay Bowl Making - Students will learn to make different sized bowls by using various clay forming methods. Each bowl will then be decorated with different surface treatments. ( e.g.: glazing, sgraffito, stamping, etc.) Students will be able to make at least three or four bowls. A. Westby

Drawing I

Anyone can learn to draw with instruction and practice! Students will learn drawing skills and principles of design and composition. Observational drawing of various subjects will be emphasized using several types of drawing media. We will also look at the drawings of artists for examples and inspiration. Students are encouraged to take this class if they plan on taking future drawing and painting classes. T. Westby 2x

Figure Drawing 1-4

Drawing from the student model in a variety of poses, costumes and props. Attention will be given to developing observational skills by learning about or reviewing the concepts of proportion, foreshortening and sighting and the techniques of gesture, mark making and shading. A variety of media will be used- charcoal, conti, marker and watercolor washes. Due to the fact that drawing people is probably the most difficult form of drawing it is advised that students have taken Drawing 1 prior to this course. Concepts learned will be beneficial if you want to study cartooning, animation, fashion design or want to learn how to draw people better. Class size is limited to 24. Mothes/Voight

Henna Body Art

The class will focus on the beautiful art of Henna. She will explain what henna is and what it does to the skin, hair and history. There will be instruction on how to do designs, and give instructions on applications. In the second part of the program, supplies will be passed out for participants to use on each other. Amy will work individually with all the participants. The class will be fun and interactive. Henna is a wonderful art medium and it is an art form for everyone. Wilde $5.00 Fee

Imagery on Glass

This class will cover basics of glass fusing as well as a variety of ways to incorporate imagery. Some techniques will include but will not be limited to, high fire enamel screen printing, glass powder printing, image transfer techniques, and stenciling. Students who already have a love for drawing or photography will be able to integrate their images into their projects, students who enjoy sculpture can create more three dimensional pieces to come out with strong sculptural work, and students just wanting to explore a new medium will be able to do just that. Limit 10 students, $10 fee Passineau 2x

Illustrations w/Ink and Colors 1 or 2
Students will learn/review color and mark making techniques which they will put into practice in the creation of Illustrative/conceptual drawings which tell a story. It is advised that students have taken a drawing course prior to this class. Voight

Life Casting & Big Head Sculpture
Life Casting & Big Head Sculpture - The first half of the semester will have the students making molds and casting their own hands and faces and turning them into fantastic sculptures. The second half of the semester the students will create their own larger than life "Big Head", a huge wearable sculpture that they then use in a performance at the end of the semester. A. Westby

Mixed Media

Students will learn to use materials in new ways and perhaps a few things you've never heard of using before to make art. You'll learn lots of new ways to use Acrylic Paint, Gesso and a few crazy things from the hardware store. T. Westby

Painting 2, 3, 4, 5

Students will be exposed to a variety of artistic styles. They will begin to develop and build on design and color concepts through their paintings. They will be encouraged to become more inventive, open and willing to pursue new techniques, surface treatment and mixed media with their work. Prerequisite: Students must have taken Painting I/COLOR prior to this class. T. Westby 2x

Puppet Making

From Muppets to finger puppets, puppets come in all shapes and sizes. While puppet making will be the main focus we will also be looking into the rich history and cultural diversity of puppetry. Once the puppets are complete, they will be put to use in a variety of fun storytelling and improv sessions. 15 Students Max Passineau

Sculptural Expressions

Students will conduct hands-on experimentation using materials such as thread, wood, plaster, paper and reed. Emphasis will be on creating complete, visually intriguing sculptures through the use of a wide range of materials. Students will be given a lot of leeway for individual artistic expression. As each student finishes a new project they will host a class critique of their project for a chance to reflect, gain insight, and develop new ideas. After completing the class, students should have an understanding of techniques used to create form and an appreciation for sculptural art. Limit 20 students Passineau

Renaissance Mural

Students will help to design and paint a large wall mural to make the new 2nd floor entry to the RSA wing exciting and inviting. We'll look at various mural options and spend the semester painting the wall. I would like painters to have had some drawing experience. Please see Mrs. Westby if you haven't had a drawing class. T. Westby

Sketchbook Artist 1 or 2

A sketchbook is a constant companion/journal to both student and adult artists as they express their emotions, ideas and feelings. In this class students will learn/review techniques and brainstorm ideas for self-expression. Students must provide their own sketchbook. Voight

Welcome to Watercolor
There will be demonstrations on how to mix colors, paint wet-on-wet washes, use different brushes and techniques, including watercolor with pen or pencil. Further demonstrations will then show students how to paint rocks, landscape, skies, water and peoples’ faces. Students will be assigned specific projects plus one free-choice project each quarter. A sketchbook will be required. Class size is limited to 20. Mothes

Woven Words

Woven Words students will make a collaborative weaving to be hung in RSA halls. Thoughts about the value of art will be written on strips of colored cloth and then woven into a tapestry. We hope to feature this work on our RSA website along with some of the manuscripts and perhaps a video. T. Westby